Photo To Color Sketch

Photo To Color Sketch 6.97

Photo to Color Sketch lets us create piece of art from our digital photos
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Liangzhu Software

Photo To Color Sketch is a program for editing and applying creative effects to our digital photos. It provides standard and professional features. From the standard options we can select and adjust Color Pencil, Color Pen, Oil Painting, Crayon, Black and White Pencil, Black and White Pen, and Pen and Ink. From the professional mode we can choose Artistic effects (Realism, Pop art, and Abstract), plus Sketch, Crayon, Exposure, Blur, HSL Adjust (Hue, Saturation, and Lighting). After selecting an effect and applying it, we will be able to see the immediate results in the screen besides the original image. If we do not like it there is no need to undo or reverse the action, we just select another effect and apply it until we finally find a sketch we would like to keep. Next, we are allowed to save the resulting image, print it, or send it via e-mail. All these options are available from the program's main window. It also allows us to batch convert images. This application supports most popular image formats, such as BMP and JPEG. There is an evaluation version that we can download to test the program.

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  • Simple, small and nice
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Free Demo


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